The future of fiction is decentralized.

The year is [CURRENT YEAR].

Literary fiction has been DISMEMBERED, its cracked and severed limbs crumpled into the narrative space of the PURITY COFFIN.

Drained of life, the future of the form is barren, desolate…

(or is it?)

MEANWHILE, an international network of pseudonymous artists and cryptocurrency engineers are feverishly working on a singular mission: to EMANCIPATE the production of contemporary fiction from centralized systems of homogenization and control.

Using the latest advancements in computer TECHNOLOGY, pseudanons are SELF-PUBLISHING PDF’s with sheer abandon, surfing the FRONTIER of possibility with ripples of joy bursting forth from their hearts.

Watch out, friends!

These waters are TREACHEROUS!

What shall be the fate of our heroic pseudanons?

Will their words be cast into the SERRATIONS of the spatially-distributed MOB?

Or will their works enter the ETERNAL PANTHEON of literary greatness?

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The future of fiction is decentralized, pseudonymous, and cryptographically distributed.


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